Keep Cool with the Right Mattress

When people start out on the path to find their ultimate mattress, the usual first steps are to decide how firm you want your new mattress, figure out which type of mattress suits your sleeping style, and consider any current sleeping concerns that can affect your choice.

One of these concerns that many people express, especially in hotter areas such as Albuquerque, is a sensitivity to heat when they sleep. When the heat is too much there are many ways you can try to cool off, such as, of course, opening windows or cranking up the air conditioning. But one of the most effective ways to stay cool during the warm summer nights is to get the right mattress.

Cooling mattresses work by letting heat escape from around the body while also allowing access for cool air to flow in its place.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right cooling mattress for you.

Microcoils are cooler than standard memory foam

Microcoils allow the air needed to cool the body down to flow better than a traditional memory foam mattress because there is more space. A memory foam mattress will tend to trap the air and conduct even more heat.

Advanced gel memory foam

However, an advanced gel memory foam mattress is different, and has features to keep you cool. Gel memory foam works by allowing heat to escape through small gel pockets in the mattress material, while maintaining the standard memory foam comfort and stability.

At the Mattress Center at American Home, we have a large selection of Albuquerque mattresses that can help to keep you at a comfortable temperature while also supporting your other sleeping requirements so that you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep. You can test all the mattresses in-store, from big brand names such as Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Rally, and Sealy Mattress.

To find your next mattress at an excellent and affordable price, come to the Mattress Center at American Home in Albuquerque and meet with one of our sleep specialists!