How a Good Mattress Can help You Wake Up Happy

There’s nothing like a comfortable bed with an excellent mattress to put you in a good mood. If you want to wake up well-rested and start every day feeling your best, then a new mattress should be your next buy.

Relieve those aches and pains

Often, a bad mattress is the culprit behind waking up with a bad neck and back, due to a lack of support or a density that’s wrong for your body. For those with pre-existing injuries, a bad mattress can even make your condition worse and leave you waking up sore and uncomfortable. A good mattress can do the opposite, ensuring your body is well-supported when you sleep, whether you stay in a single position or move around a lot. If you want to wake up with less pain and without a crick in your neck, a good mattress is a must!

Get a great night’s sleep

You might be one of those people who can sleep anywhere, from the couch to a school desk, but the quality of that sleep just doesn’t compare to the sleep you get from a night on a great mattress. Comfort is a large part of getting a great night’s sleep, so a mattress that cushions your body while you rest and allows you to sleep in a comfortable, relaxing position can make a world of difference.

Reduce unwanted movement

From older mattresses that sag in the middle to those that seem to be trying to roll you off the bed, a bad mattress can leave you sleeping in awkward positions in an attempt to stay in the one comfy place you have found. This happens even more when you’re sharing a bed with a partner — every move they make can shift you from your chosen sleeping position. To avoid sleepless nights and ensure you can sleep however is best for you, choose a new mattress that offers the shape and support you need.

If you’re considering upgrading your mattress to a new model, we have just the right one for you at The Mattress Center at American Home! Take a look at our full range of mattresses available at our Albuquerque location today and let our sleep specialists help you find the perfect choice for your needs!